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Touch-based language learning system
Touch-based language learning system Children touch ViPSN-buttons attached to each item. The speaker receives the signal and plays the pronunciation of the corresponding word. --- Content customization. Choose English and Chinese content freely. The button terminal can be placed anywhere. --- The system collects and analyzes learning data automatically in the background, helping parents adjust the learning content independently.
Teaching feedback system
Teaching feedback system Students raise their hands through the terminal button. Everyone can feedback their learning level in time without interrupting the teaching process. --- The background terminal automatically collects and analyzes data. After class, teachers can analyze the acceptance of each knowledge point according to the frequency and intensity of hand raising and optimize the teaching plan in time.
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Speech interactive system
Speech interactive system Audiences use terminals to interact with the speaker in real time. Easily create a lively atmosphere. --- A viewer voting system can also be extended. Low-cost, maintenance-free, highly reliable terminals are suitable for large-scale applications.
Exhibition interaction system
Exhibition interaction system The terminal can be fixed at any position at the booth. It can be used to call the exhibition staff, help with the exhibition appraisal, voting activities and update the vote in real time.
Project Example
2022 Research Achievements Exhibition of School of Information Science and Technology ShanghaiTech University   2022.12.12
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Restaurant service system
Restaurant service system Using terminal, customer can call the attendant and demand for dish transfer can be transmitted in real time.
Nursing call system
Nursing call system The highly reliable terminal does not require regular battery replacement. Free from cable constraints, it can also be easily installed on temporary beds. --- The terminal has low cost and strong expansibility. Users can adjust the number of the device freely.
- Restaurant Management -
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Road power generation system
Road power generation system The pressing power generation module can be arranged at the zebra crossing and the highway vibration mark. The deceleration warning function is maintained, and energy is collected to generate electricity.
Intelligent parking guidance system
Intelligent parking guidance system The pressing power generation modules are arranged on the ground of the entrance and exit of the parking lot to monitor availability in real time. --- With the help of fixed active receivers and passive navigation terminals, customer can quickly find an empty car space or find their car when leaving.
- Road Power Generation -
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Intelligent alarm system
Intelligent alarm system Passive terminals are portable, maintenance-free. It can also be widely arranged in complex working conditions. --- Use the pressing terminal to form trace management. By analyzing the corresponding data, the active hot spot on the production site can be generated, and any possible hidden danger can be warned in time.
Intelligent security system
Intelligent security system The pressing power generation module can be placed in an important confidential place to monitor activity in real time.
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